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Alzheimer's, Parkinson's groups team up for research, a senior citizen political wish list for Congress, and fighting Alzheimer's through salsa dancing (read more). 

Must reads

  • A February 5, 2014 USA Today article reported that "The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, the Alzheimer's Association and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation of Canada announced Wednesday that they will offer joint research grants to help unpack the similarities and differences between these degenerative diseases, which together affect 6 million Americans." According to the article, "One recent study of people who had died from Alzheimer's showed a buildup of proteins that are the hallmark of Parkinson's, suggesting a closer connection between the two conditions than has been commonly appreciated."
  • A February 5, 2014 Senior Journal article reported that the National Council on Aging released a senior citizen's political wish list for Congress, including long-term care legislation and immigration reform. According to the article, "The number of Americans needing long-term services and supports will more than double as the boomers age. Medicare does not cover them, and private insurance is unaffordable for most people. The current system places enormous burdens on family caregivers and forces seniors to spend-down their life savings into poverty before getting help from Medicaid. A recent Long-Term Care Commission report included recommendations to improve the system. Bi-partisan leadership is needed to introduce legislation to provide affordable options for Americans that do not exclude purchasers based on pre-existing conditions and that produce significant savings to Medicaid. Education on the facts also is critical."
  • A February 3, 2014 NBC News article reported on a dance club for Latino Alzheimer's sufferers started by the Latino Alzheimer’s & Memory Disorders Alliance. According to the article, "The dancers are part of the Latino Alzheimer’s & Memory Disorders Alliance, or LAMDA, which started “Bailando por la Salud” (Dancing for Health) to inspire Latinos who are uncomfortable with other forms of exercise to get fit and healthier -- which in turn may help stave off Alzheimer’s and other memory loss conditions…New research suggests that Mexican Americans – the country’s largest group of Latinos – develop risk factors that could lead to Alzheimer’s as early as a decade sooner than others. So getting the population in better shape could help not just their hearts, but their minds."


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