Today's Top Alzheimer's News

New research linking DDT to Alzheimer's, China's looming Alzheimer's crisis, and the importance of global cooperation to tackle dementia (read more). 


Must reads

  • A January 27, 2014 USA Today article reported that "A new study links exposure to the insecticide DDT with Alzheimer's disease." According to the article, "Researchers found evidence of DDT exposure in 80% of patients with Alzheimer's disease, as well as 70% of those without the condition."
  • A January 27, 2014 Bloomberg article reported on China's looming Alzheimer's crisis. According to the article, "In China, there are only about 300 qualified physicians to treat more than 9 million dementia sufferers. The shortage is overwhelming families and threatening resources from an already stretched welfare system as the country ages."
  • A January 27, 2014 Huffington Post piece by Rita Altman, Vice President of Sunrise Senior Living, highlighted the latest developments in global dementia research. According to Altman, "This global effort brings great promise for better treatments and a renewed hope for a cure. In the meantime, we must continue to focus on providing the best possible person-centered memory care and empathetic communication to support those with Alzheimer's disease and their families."


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