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George Vradenburg applauds budget increase for the National Institutes of Aging, New Haven Register editorial calls for action on Alzheimer's, and Sundance premiers Alzheimer's documentary (read more). 



Must reads

  • A January 15, 2014 Huffington Post blog post reported on the winners and losers of the omnibus spending bill. According to the article, "Disappointed with the level of funding devoted to biomedical research in the new omnibus spending bill, some lawmakers are already scheming about how to find more.Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) said he was looking at options beyond the spending bill, including additional legislation, to send funds to the National Institutes of Health…Moreover, within the NIH's new budget, there are winners among the losers. The National Institute of Aging, for example, saw an $80 million increase in funding, which, along with funding increases for the Centers for Disease Control and other accounts, prompted groups like USAgainstAlzheimer's to applaud the appropriations committees.“Today’s proposed increase for Alzheimer’s research and care programs signals a strong bipartisan recognition of the unprecedented global health crisis unfolding before our eyes," said George Vradenburg, the group's chairman. "It is critical that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle see this funding through without delay.""
  • A January 15, 2014 New Haven Register editorial (borrowed from Daily Camera in CO) called on the nation to "step up the fight against Alzheimer's." According to the article, "As we take on this historic reform of our healthcare industry in this country, focusing on our most expensive medical conditions and helping millions of American families are worthy goals. We should build on this historic chance to work collaboratively with other leading nations to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia."
  • A January 15, 2014 PBS NewsHour article by economist Lew Mandell examined the rising cost of long-term care insurance. According to Mandell, "Bottom line, if you have long-term care insurance, look hard at its limitations and your own financial situation before you decide to continue paying its premiums (particularly if rates increase). If you don't have such insurance, carefully consider whether its likely benefits are worth the costs."

The arts

  • A January 15, 2014 New York Daily News article reported that Sundance will premier “Alive Inside," a film that "showcases the power of music and its incredible effect on some patients with Alzheimer’s, who visibly light up when they hear songs from their youth." 


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