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A new home test for Alzheimer's, Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks about Alzheimer's diseases and NIH funding, and more on Roche's brain shuttle (read more).  

Must reads

  • A January 13, 2014 The Telegraph (UK) article reported that "Researchers have developed a 15-minute test which can be taken at home to spot the early signs of Alzheimer's disease." According to the article, "The exam which can be completed online or by hand, tests language ability, reasoning, problem solving skills and memory.Results can then be shared with doctors to help spot early symptoms of cognitive issues such as early dementia or Alzheimer's disease."
  • A January 12, 2014 Associated Press (via article reported on Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) focus "on improving the economic fortunes of ordinary Americans" and her support for NIH research. According to the article, "Warren also said she wants to double spending for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Warren said money spent on finding new treatments and cures can not only improve people’s health and lengthen lives but can also have economic benefits. She said a drug that would help delay the onset of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for five years would end up saving trillions in health care costs in the ensuing decades."
  • A January 11, 2014 The Boston Globe article reported on Boston Mayor Martin Walsh's personal connection to Alzheimer's and his plans to tackle the disease at the city level. According to the article, "Walsh said in the speech that he would release a “blueprint for action for the city, to raise awareness through education and outreach, and to connect those with the disease to the resources they need.” In an interview later in the week, Walsh pledged that the blueprint would not collect dust at City Hall. Although no date has been set for releasing the plan, Walsh said in the interview that he is committed to launching its recommendations early in his administration. Already, the outlines of the initiative are emerging, with plans for better coordination of city services, help for families left weary by caring for relatives stricken with Alzheimer’s, and training for workers at senior housing centers."

 Research and science 

  • A January 12, 2014 Scientific American blog post reported on Roche's "brain shuttle" research and its implications for Alzheimer's and other diseases. According to the article, "Roche intends to make the Brain Shuttle an all-purpose, military-style transport for carrying big molecules into the brain and has struck agreements with two partner companies to attempt to use the molecular shuttle for carrying drugs to treat Huntington’s and Parkinson’s."


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