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It's time to wake up and do something about Alzheimer's, a new survey finds that a large number of universities directly affected by sequestration, Anne Wojcicki talks about genetic science will change healthcare by empowering individuals, and J&J's latest efforts to develop an Alzheimer's treatment (read more). 


Must reads

  • A November 12, 2013 The Advocate (LA) opinion piece by Dana Territo, director of services for Alzheimer’s Services of Baton Rouge, called on readers to "wake up" and do something about Alzheimer's. According to Territo, "The alarm has been sounding for quite a while. We cannot ignore the piercing statistics and resonant demand for services for individuals affected by this disease. It is time to wake up. We have no other choice."
  • A November 12, 2013 Inside Higher ED article reported on a new survey that highlighted the impact of sequestration on research funding and projects. According to the article, "Eighty-one percent of responding institutions said that sequestration was directly affecting their research activities. More than half of universities said that the decrease in new federal grant opportunities -- and the shrinking value of some existing grants -- had prompted them to reduce research-related positions, and nearly a quarter of institutions said they had already laid off research employees."

Research and science 

  • A November 11, 2013 New York Times Q&A with Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, a DNA testing company, highlighted how she thinks genetic science will change health care. According to the article, "Genetics is going to be a ubiquitous part of health care. I think that everyone is going to get their genome. At some point, health care is going to reimburse for it. And you’re going to hear stories of people really taking ownership of health prevention, directed by their genome, and hear less and less the fear of “Oh, my grandmother died of Alzheimer’s. It’s a horrible disease I hope I never get.”"
  • A November 11, 2013 article and video focused on the research of Dr. David Russell, Associate Director of Research at The Institute of Neurodegenerative Disorders in New Haven, and his research on breaking Amyloid buildup. 
  • A November 8, 2013 Fierce Biotech article reported that "Johnson & Johnson California Innovation Center has struck a deal to collaborate with Germany's Evotec (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: $EVT) to discover new drug discovery targets for Alzheimer's." According to the article, "J&J is providing up to $10 million to cover Evotec's research costs and promising up to $145 million in milestones for each new drug that makes it all the way to the market under a new collaboration dubbed TargetAD."


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