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Florida's efforts to fund Alzheimer's services for patients and caregivers and the Advancing Science in America awards its Pacesetter Award to Alzheimer's researcher (read more).




  • A November 6, 2013 The Florida Times-Union article reported on Florida's efforts to fund Alzheimer's services for caregivers and patients. According to the article, "Starting in 1985, the Florida Legislature launched the Department of Elder Affairs Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (ADI), an integrated system of dementia specific services to address current needs and to prepare for the future. This past session, the Legislature voted to continue to fund the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative Memory Disorder Clinics and adult day care centers and related services, while expanding funding to support two of the ADI Memory Disorder Clinics.The services provided by the ADI and its Memory Disorder Clinics help not only the patients but also family members who often act as caregivers. The ADI specifically helps with respite care for these overburdened, unpaid caregivers."

Research and science 

  • A November 5, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle article reported that the Advancing Science in America Foundation awarded its 2013 Pacesetter Award to Dr. Lennart Mucke, Alzheimer's disease researcher and director of the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease. According to the article, the award's presenter,  Dagmar Dolby, "talked about her late husband Ray's descent into Alzheimer's, and how she'd thought "it couldn't happen to someone who had everything going for him, who had a very active mind and kept his body in perfect shape." It did happen. Researchers say 1 in 8 Americans has Alzheimer's by the age of 65; 1 in 2 by age 85."

Notable loss 

  • A November 5, 2013 Washington Post article reported that retired Giant Food executive, Gerson ‘Barney’ Barnett, died from Alzheimer's disease at the age of 90. Barnett served as Giant's senior vice president for grocery operations and was with the company for 34 years.


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