Today's Top Alzheimer's News

A Boston-based start up seeks to repurpose failed Alzheimer's drugs, a new report urges for more concussion research on younger athletes, and Jeff Eller and Dr. Peter Levin join the fight against Alzheimer's (read more).  




Must reads

  • An October 30, 2013 MIT Technology Review article reported that a Boston startup Alzheon "will sift through “treasure troves” of data from failed trials to find abandoned Alzheimer’s drugs that might work for some patients." According to the article, "Alzheon...was founded with the belief that recent gains in the scientific community’s understanding of the disease, enabled by new technologies for genetic analysis and neuroimaging, can shine light into a vast morass of failed clinical trial data."
  • An October 30, 2013 USA Today article reported that a report from the Committee of Sports-Related Concussions in Youth "urged more research on younger athletes and establishment of a national system to monitor how often they are concussed." According to the report, "The National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense should support research to improve concussion diagnosis and create age-specific guidelines for managing concussions."



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