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USA2 co-founder Trish Vradenburg highlights the negative impact of the government shutdown on Alzheimer's research, a new look inside life with Alzheimer's, and an account of what happens when an Alzheimer's sufferer goes missing (read more).     



Must reads

  • An October 15, 2013 Huffington Post piece by USA2 co-founder Trish Vradenburg focused on the impact of the government shutdown on Alzheimer's research. According to Vradenburg, "Louise, Zoe and Charlie are counting on NIH for a cure. Well, that's not going to happen this week, or who knows for how long. That's because NIH has furloughed ¾ of its clinical researchers since the U.S. government has closed down. They are now deemed non-essential.Really? To whom?! Maybe to the Congressmen who are lazing around in the Congressional gym (which stays open, because apparently the tax-supported steam room is essential. Uncle Sam needs to open his pores)."
  • An October 15, 2013 News Medical article reported that released "Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer's—a compelling and unprecedented account that explores the human side of Alzheimer's, as told by three families whose lives have been forever altered by this disease." Fade to Blank
  • An October 16, 2013 Washington Post article chronicled the chain of events set off after an Alzheimer's patient goes missing. According to the article, "First, the Fairfax County police launched an all-out search for the man almost immediately after being notified that he’d been missing for about three hours. This involved more than 60 police officers, members of the fire department, the police helicopter, the police bloodhound, the police bike team, and a fire department boat. A large command post was established at Lake Anne Elementary School. Cruisers with license-plate readers were deployed. Everywhere you turned in Reston, there was an officer on foot, parked at an intersection, or driving through the neighborhoods, cul de sacs and parking lots."


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