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After heavily investing in Alzheimer's research, Lilly moves to reduce drug development costs, Mass. State Senator Katherine Clark pushes for federal funding for Alzheimer's research, and the lack of Alzheimer's services in Guam (read more).   


Must reads

  • An October 8, 2013 article reported on Lilly's efforts to reduce drug development costs including investing in automated lab technology. Regarding the high cost of drug development, Lilly's chief scientist Jan Lundberg stated, "It's probably much easier to send a man to the moon than create a successful medicine for Alzheimer's."
  • An October 8, 2013 Winchester Patch (MA) article profiled candidates for Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District, the seat previously held by Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA). According to the article, State Senator Katherine Clark stated, "Continuing federal funding for research into chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and alternate energy sources will create jobs and be good for the economy."


  • An October 9, 2013 The Times of Israel article reported on Braintech 2013, an international conference focused on neuroscience and technology. According to the article, "The award ceremony will be the highlight of the two-day Braintech event in Tel Aviv, where presentations and discussions on all things brain — from neuroscience to DNA to behavioral sciences to drugs — will be on the agenda. Highlighted will be the field of neurotechnology, which many scientists believe will be an area of strong growth in the coming years as researchers close in on how to manipulate the brain to treat diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s, and change our daily lives through Brain Machine Interfaces and Brain-like Computing. Among the speakers will be Nobel laureate professors Eric Kandel, Daniel Kahneman and Bert Sakmann."
  • An October 9, 2013 article reported on the lack of Alzheimer's services in the U.S. territory of Guam. According to the article, "The Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services doesn't keep track of the number of Alzheimer's patients on Guam, but the number already has overburdened the island's limited facilities for specialized care…Chita Blaise tried to find a place on Guam that would be able to properly care for her husband. There are only a couple of facilities on island that could possibly provide such care, including the Dementia Center in Dededo."


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