July 17, 2023

Lily Johnson White – Breaking Through the Silence of Alzheimer’s Disease

Lily Johnson White – Breaking Through the Silence of Alzheimer’s Disease

About This Episode

The Alzheimer’s journey tests and complicates the interpersonal dynamics in families as they try to protect the dignity and privacy of their loved ones. When the family is influential and privileged it’s even harder.  That’s why breaking the silence of the journey is both a gift and a necessity to break through the stigma of the disease. In this episode of BrainStorm, Lily Johnson White speaks out for the first time six years after the passing of her mother, a philanthropist and storied New York socialite. 

Lily shares her determination to help other families and sheds light on the need for early diagnosis, specially trained physicians, caregivers, and a support system of friends because as she says “it takes a community”.

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