May 16, 2023

Amy Dockser Marcus, Author of "We the Scientists" (part 1)

Amy Dockser Marcus, Author of "We the Scientists" (part 1)

About This Episode

We the Scientists: How a Daring Team of Parents and Doctors Forged A New Path for Medicine

Pulitzer Prize winning Wall Street Reporter Amy Marcus, in her new book We the Scientists, discusses a rare disease often likened to Children’s Alzheimer’s with BrainStorm host, Meryl Comer. Not only are the patients young, but their parents are desperate to help scientists find a drug to slow disease progression to extend their lives. Most children, born seemingly normal, rarely live beyond the age of 20. The common thread is advancing the science with new pathways for treating disease and conducting research. In the process to accelerate new drug development, science may be forever changed.

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