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May 08, 2020 - Karen Segal

Looking ahead on Mother’s Day after a long goodbye

Mother’s Day hasn’t truly been the same for me since 2002. That was the year my mother, Lisa Cohen, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease when she was just 60 years old.
December 05, 2016 - Karen Segal


UsAgainstAlzheimer's and I are grateful to Veronica Beard for including us as part of the #VBGIVESBACK program. Veronica Beard will donate $10 of every order in December to the cause. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2002 and I learned firsthand how challenging it is to juggle family life and caring for my mother. I joined UsAgainstAlzheimer's to disrupt the conversation around Alzheimer’s with the goal of finding a cure by 2020 through research and clinical trials.There are always "first signs" something is wrong - we've all been there. In 2002, when I was pregnant with my