The Alzheimer’s journey, from the people living it

Alzheimer’s is a complex disease that impacts the lives of millions of Americans, often in very different ways. Learn more about the Alzheimer’s journey from people who are living it firsthand. Then, find out how to take charge of your own brain health and what UsAgainstAlzheimer’s is doing to promote prevention, early detection, and access to treatments for the nation’s sixth leading cause of death.

Kevin and Kim's Journey

Kevin and Kim Bonham share their story about Kevin’s diagnosis, promising new treatments, and hope for the future. Watch their story now.

Martha's Story

Martha Villanigro-Santiago is a caregiver to her mother and describes the challenges caregivers face every day. Listen as she shares her experience and her concerns about the disproportionate risk of Alzheimer’s facing Latinos. 

Brian's Story

Brian Van Buren shares his experience living with Alzheimer’s, the disease’s impact on Black people, and why he has become a vocal advocate. 

The Alzheimer’s Journey

From people living with the disease to those who care for them, the story of Alzheimer’s is one that touches nearly all of us in some way. Hear the very personal journeys of people living through the challenges of Alzheimer’s and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.

The UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Story Project, Voices of Hope, Inspiration and Courage, is made possible by an educational grant provided by Biogen.

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