DECEMBER 11, 2013






World Leaders Make Historic Commitment to Stop Dementia by 2025 at Landmark G8 Summit

LONDON, ENGThe Global CEO Initiative (CEOi) on Alzheimer’s Disease today joined G8 leaders to embrace the goal to stop Alzheimer’s by 2025 and to increase significantly the funding needed to achieve that goal.  CEOi committed to partner with G8 leadership in the fight against global Alzheimer’s and dementia at the landmark G8 Dementia Summit in London, convened by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Following the G8 Dementia Summit, on Thursday, December 12th, the CEOi will host the strategic planning meeting in London with representatives from government, industry, and civil sectors needed to turn G8 commitments into concrete actions with a focus on identifying new sources of funding, improving care delivery, and developing a global Alzheimer’s clinical trial platform.

George Vradenburg, the convener of The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease released this statement following the Summit:

“The G8 has shown historic leadership, comparable to what was demonstrated for HIV/AIDS, in committing to address the global health and financial crisis of Alzheimer’s, and stopping dementia by 2025.  We will look back at this date (12/11/13) and this place and recall ‘The Spirit of London’ as a dramatic beginning point in a global collaborative effort to stop Alzheimer’s.

“The CEOi will support the implementation of these commitments as part of what we hope will be a new spirit of urgency and collaboration to accelerate Alzheimer’s drug discovery and development; increase public funding and develop innovative financing methods for Alzheimer’s; establish new international norms for the quality of care for those with the disease; and catalyze the creation of a global clinical trial platform to speed breakthroughs in drug development.

“It is also critical that every member country of the World Health Organization develop their own national plan and that those plans include a commitment to invest in research at least 1 percent of the annual cost of dementia care delivery in that nation.

“No one country can stop Alzheimer’s and dementia, but together we can form a united front and spare ourselves and millions of families around the world the horror of this disease.”


The Global CEO (CEOi) Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease is an organization of private-sector leaders who have joined together to provide business leadership in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The CEO Initiative seeks to partner with public leaders to transform the disease from a social, health, and economic crisis into an opportunity for healthy aging and innovation in research and care. The CEO Initiative believes that, during this era of aging populations, it will take visionary, coordinated, goal oriented leadership of public and private leaders working together to solve our greatest challenges.

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