WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s and Joy of Mom Partner to Improve Women’s Brain Health

April 2, 2019 - WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s (WA2) and Joy of Mom® today announced an exciting new partnership to further WA2’s Be Brain PowerfulTM campaign and their mission to educate women on the critical importance of brain health and early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

The partnership was announced on a Facebook Live with Joy of Mom founder and CEO Vicki Reece, WA2 president Jill Lesser, and WA2 executive director Brooks Kenny.

WA2 and Joy of Mom’s partnership will help to educate the millions of mothers and women who make up the Joy of Mom community on the benefits of proactive brain health across one’s lifespan in delaying cognitive decline and reducing their risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The Joy of Mom community will have opportunity to participate in the Brain Health Challenge, an easy-to-incorporate 30-day program delivered straight to your inbox with daily challenges, to improve your brain health. The Brain Health Challenge is based on the Cleveland Clinic’s pillars of brain health. Joy of Mom will also host monthly Facebook Lives on brain health featuring an expert from WA2. Additionally, Joy of Mom and WA2 will collaborate to publish a brain health cookbook with research backed recipes to promote brain health.

Alzheimer’s is the biggest public health crisis of the 21st century, with more than 5.8 million Americans suffering from the disease and millions more caregivers, family members, and friends affected. Women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimer’s, making up 2/3rds of the populating battling the disease and 60 percent of caregivers.

While Alzheimer’s was once thought to be an inevitability of aging, emerging scientific evidence shows that a persons overall health has a marked impact on their brain health. Proactive, preventive measures taken at every stage of one’s life will benefit their brain health later in life, delay cognitive decline, increase cognitive resilience and capacity, and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Based on these principles, WA2 and Joy of Mom’s partnership will help millions of women to live more brain healthy lives.


About WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s:

The WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s network educates and empowers women everywhere about the need to stop Alzheimer’s disease by turning hope into action with a focus on brain health. Through a national network of influential women and a global footprint of advocacy partners, WA2 educates women about the steps they can take to protect their own brain health and the brain health of their families and communities; presses policymakers for legislative and funding opportunities for gender-specific research; and ensures that sex-based differences are integrated into design, analysis and reporting in research.


About Joy of Mom:

Joy of Mom is a lifestyle brand and platform founded by Vicki Reece with an organically grown community of over 2.3 million moms and reaching around 90 million moms per month. Giving moms a voice and platform to inspire, empower, navigate and support each other along the most significant journey we’ll ever travel – motherhood.