New Donanemab Data Demonstrates Momentum Toward Choice of Treatments for Alzheimer’s Patients

New Donanemab Data Demonstrates Momentum Toward Choice of Treatments for Alzheimer’s Patients

Research shows no clinical progression for nearly half of early-stage patients at one year 

Washington, D.C. (July 17, 2023) – Exciting new data released today from the Phase 3 clinical trials of Eli Lilly’s donanemab provided greater insight into another promising treatment option that could soon be available to families affected by Alzheimer’s. Presented during the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) conference, the latest findings for the drug showed a 60 percent slowing of decline compared to placebo for patients in the earliest stage of the disease, and that many trial participants completed their course of therapy at six or twelve months. 

In response to this announcement, George Vradenburg, chair and co-founder of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, issued the following statement:

“The data released today is very good news for Alzheimer’s patients who could soon have yet another treatment option to effectively combat Alzheimer’s disease. For the millions of Americans fighting to maintain their independence, today’s data is encouraging and another reason for hope. We urge the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expedite the approval process for donanemab, recognizing the narrow window thousands of Americans with early-stage Alzheimer’s have to benefit from the full effects of the treatment

“The trial results also underscore the importance of early detection and diagnosis because trial participants in the earliest stages of the disease benefitted the most from donanemab. With a diagnosis rate of only about 50 percent, the United States must prioritize early detection,” Vradenburg added. “As this growing arsenal of options come to market and demand grows, it will become increasingly important that healthcare providers and payers like Medicare are prepared to meet demand with the proper clinical support and diagnostic tools, like PET scans, required to take advantage of these treatments.”


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