It’s Official: CMS Denies Medicare Coverage of Alzheimer’s Treatments


Contact: Jon Summers,

It’s Official: CMS Denies Medicare Coverage to Alzheimer’s Patients

“Little change, a lot more uncertainty” in Coverage Determination 

Washington, D.C. (April 7, 2022) – UsAgainstAlzheimer’s chair and co-founder George Vradenburg issued the following statement regarding CMS’ decision to officially deny Medicare coverage for FDA-approved Alzheimer’s treatments: 

“CMS has made discrimination against Alzheimer’s patients an official policy. In an unprecedented move, the agency formalized its plan to deny Medicare coverage to Alzheimer’s patients to FDA-approved Alzheimer’s treatments, something it has never done with any other patient group. It’s unconscionable and reprehensible that CMS would force Alzheimer’s patients to play by a different set of rules than patients with other diseases like cancer and HIV.

“CMS tried to paint the final coverage determination as an improvement over the draft it released in January. The truth is there is little change and a lot more uncertainty – uncertainty for Alzheimer’s patients who need treatment, uncertainty for industry and innovation, and uncertainty for other disease groups using the FDA’s Accelerated Approval Process to access innovative medicines more quickly.

“Medicare has an obligation to provide patient access to Alzheimer’s treatments the same way it does every other FDA-approved drug. Our work won’t stop until they do."


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