George Vradenburg Statement on Enbrel

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Chairman Calls on Pfizer to Release Data and Analysis on Enbrel and Alzheimer’s

Washington, D.C. (June 5, 2019) – UsAgainstAlzheimer’s chairman and co-founder George Vradenburg today called on Pfizer to release any data and analysis they have on the rheumatoid arthritis drug Enbrel’s possible efficacy for treating Alzheimer’s.

“When it comes to accelerating a cure for Alzheimer’s, we cannot leave any scientific opportunity on the table. If data in a drug trial or study suggests any plausible potential for impacting Alzheimer’s, it is critical that drug be further tested, or, if not, that the data be released so that the scientific and business community be able to assess the importance of that data. We owe it to the nearly six million Americans currently battling the disease and their 16 million family caregivers, all of whom are desperately waiting for a cure.  

“Treating and curing Alzheimer’s has proven to be more complex than we could have predicted, and to accelerate a cure we need all stakeholders to share any relevant data to advance the field. 

"We urge Pfizer to release its data and any explanatory analysis relating to Enbrel’s effect on Alzheimer’s. 

"We also urge Congress to adopt increased incentives for the testing of drugs repurposed from another therapeutic area to Alzheimer’s so that investments in potential Alzheimer’s therapies are not chilled by our current incentive system.

“This moment highlights the importance of funding Alzheimer’s research to increase strategic investments, explore all avenues of prevention and a cure, and diversify the pipeline of Alzheimer’s treatments. Accordingly, I am reiterating my previous call to Congress to fully fund research at the National Institutes of Health by appropriating the full $350 million increase in year-over-year funding."