Faith in Action Campaign Launches to Promote Brain Health Among Black American

Faith in Action Campaign Launches to Promote Brain Health Among Black Americans

More than 40 African American places of worship in 9 states will share free, easy-to-use resources for brain health with faith communities of color

Washington, DC (November 21, 2022) – Faith leaders in nine states will soon begin preaching about brain health in an effort to reach Black Americans who are disproportionally impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. In partnership with The Alter Program and national faith leaders, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s is launching Faith in Action, an initiative bringing free culturally tailored brain health information and resources to the pews of more than 30 churches, with an emphasis on Georgia. Beginning November 20, faith leaders will speak from the pulpit about the importance of brain health and share “Brain Health in a Box,” a package of free materials and state-specific resources, with parishioners. Other states taking part include Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Arkansas.

“The church is the heart of our community, and we work hard to keep it beating and healthy. For far too long we have neglected the brain,” said Dr. Fayron Epps, assistant professor at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University. “The goal of the Faith in Action campaign is to empower faith leaders to break down stigma and begin brain health conversations with their communities. Using BrainGuide, it makes it easier to spark these conversations and provides something actionable for people to get started.”

BrainGuide by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s launched more than a year ago and has already provided more than 280,000 people with free actionable resources for brain health. Faith in Action will build on this success, putting culturally tailored resources in the hands of those who are most at risk while encouraging people of color to take the  BrainGuide memory questionnaire either online or over the phone. Once completed, users will receive tailored resources based on their results.

“Alzheimer’s is a crisis in our country. In Georgia alone, more than 140,000 people live with the disease. Black people, who are about twice as likely of developing Alzheimer’s, are hit particularly hard. That’s what makes this partnership so important. Working with The Alter Program, we are reaching communities most at risk with free information and resources to improve early detection and prevention as we extend our work with faith communities across the country,” said UsAgainstAlzheimer's chair and co-founder George Vradenburg.

“Brain Health in a Box” is free of charge and includes educational materials such as fact sheets and sample presentations as well as giveaways like buttons, bookmarks, and fans with brain health reminders.

About UsAgainstAlzheimer’s
UsAgainstAlzheimer’s exists to conquer Alzheimer’s disease. We take on the toughest problems; bring all of “Us” together to break down barriers; advocate for research that will speed treatments to market; and drive changes that matter most to people living with the disease. We will not rest until brain-span equals lifespan - for everyone.

About The Alter Program
The Alter Program was created in 2019 to address the lack of resources and awareness around dementia in African American and faith communities in the state of Georgia. The Alter program is the guiding light for faith communities and caregivers to keep the spiritual connection strong and vibrant with those living with dementia. We work with faith communities to create dementia-friendly and inclusive environments.