Dramatic Price Reduction for Aduhelm Gives Hope to Alzheimer’s Patients

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Now Calls on CMS to Reverse its Planned Medicare Premium Increase

Washington, D.C. -- More patients will soon have access to Aduhelm, the only treatment on the market that modifies the course of Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to a significant price reduction announced today by Biogen, Aduhelm’s manufacturer. In its announcement, the company said it would cut the cost of Aduhelm by 50%, reducing the treatment’s cost from $56,000 a year to $28,200 annually.

“Despite its proven effectiveness, Aduhelm has been out of reach for many patients because of its cost, which is why UsAgainstAlzheimer’s has been leading the charge in calling for a price reduction,” said George Vradenburg chair and co-founder of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. “On behalf of the six million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, I thank Biogen for listening to the voices of patients, their caregivers, and the entire Alzheimer’s community.”

This price reduction should also be good news for Medicare Part B recipients. UsAgainstAlzheimer’s called on Biogen and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to each work to address patient cost and access. Biogen has now moved strongly toward access. Now CMS needs to do its part by covering Aduhelm according to appropriate use recommendations. 

Last month CMS took the unprecedented step of blaming a single patient group – Alzheimer’s patients – for a planned Part B premium increase. With the reduced price and a low estimate of patients-treated, CMS needs to reverse its planned increase while ensuring Aduhelm available to Alzheimer’s patients.

“While CMS isn’t legally allowed to consider cost in making coverage determinations, many of us have questioned whether that would actually be the case. If cost was a factor, that issue should now be off the table. So, we are calling on CMS to not only reverse its planned premium increase but also issue a National Coverage Determination as soon as possible to ensure access to Aduhelm,” Vradenburg said.

Aduhelm is the first Alzheimer’s treatment to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in nearly 20 years. Last week, Biogen also announced plans to speed up FDA-required confirmatory testing by four years. The two announcements combined demonstrate a commitment by Biogen to increase access to as many patients as possible as soon as possible.

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