"Recently, a number of critics have begun to accuse the G8 of being out of touch with the new, more expansive globalized geopolitical balance of the 21st century. Some have even argued that the G20 −- which includes representation from all continents −- will supplant the G8 in the near future.

New Yorker profile on Alzheimer's research, Hilary Clinton on negative impact of sequestration on medical research, and updates to the National Alzheimer's Plan (read more).       

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Alzheimer's and illegal drugs, Alzheimer's drug setbacks at Eli Lilly, and helpful Alzheimer's apps (read more).   

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New poll finds that majority of Americans are willing to particpate in a clinical trial, new clues reveal more about early Alzheimer's, and uncertainty in UK research funding (read more).  

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Touching Alzheimer's research PSA, criticism of Al Hunt's recent Bloomberg opinion piece highlighting Alzheimer's research, and the shrinking Alzheimer's drug market (read more).  

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