Today's Top Alzheimer's News


A November 23, 2016 Reuters article reported that “Eli Lilly and Co said its experimental Alzheimer's treatment failed to slow loss of cognitive ability in patients with mild symptoms, a major setback for the company and millions of people at risk of developing the memory-robbing disease.”

A November 23, 2016 Sunshine State News opinion piece by Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) underscored the need to pass 21st century Cures. According to Bilirakis, “Two years ago, I held a series of roundtable meetings in Lutz, Florida with physicians, advocates, patients, and families from our area to hear about the challenges of finding cures for the thousands of deadly and chronic diseases impacting millions of Americans. Diseases like cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and the 7,000 rare conditions…The 21st Century Cures Act is a comprehensive legislative package that will help speed up the development, discovery, and delivery of lifesaving cures and treatments for patients in need. During the early stages of working on 21st Century Cures, I became especially inspired by those fighting rare diseases.”

A November 23, 2016 Psych Central article reported that “As published in JAMA Internal Medicine, University of Michigan researchers discovered that those with the most years of education had the lowest chances of developing dementia.”

A November 22, 2016 article profiled the efforts of technologists like Jeff Bezos to extend life. According to the article, “Oracle's Larry Ellison, Alphabet's Larry Page, billionaire investor Peter Thiel and CEO Jeff Bezos are among the entrepreneurs pouring money and resources into drugs and therapies designed to slow the effects of aging and its related illnesses. If they're right, the average lifespan of 79 years will be a thing of the past, and humans could live for decades longer.”

A November 22, 2016 MIT Technology Review article reported that “research suggests that one day, instead of getting transfusions from young people, aged people will instead go to a medical facility to get their blood cleared of proteins that may build up and promote aging.”


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