Today's Top Alzheimer's News


A September 7, 2016 article highlighted the difficult road towards an Alzheimer’s treatment and better care. According to the article, “Congress is being myopic by boosting funding for drug research while freezing or cutting support for programs aimed at helping people with dementia and their families. They need help now, and ignoring them while throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at drug companies is cruel and irresponsible. By encouraging this strategy, the Alzheimer’s establishment must share the blame.”

A September 7, 2016 radio segment highlighted the toll of caring for those with Alzheimer’s. The show featured Dr. Jeffrey Burns, co-director of the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center; Stephene Moore, a caregiver; and Deborah Shouse, a dementia advocate and author of Connecting in the Land of Dementia: Creative Activities to Explore Together.

A September 7, 2016 broadcast segment reported on Lewy Body Dementia, the second most common form of dementia. According to the article, “Dementia with Lewy Bodies is caused by the buildup of abnormal protein deposits, called “Lewy Bodies,” in brain cells. It was discovered in the early 1900s by scientist Frederick H. Lewy and can only be confirmed by a post-mortem brain autopsy. According to Dr. Tousi, LBD may account for more than 15 percent of all cases of dementia. It’s often confused with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, which share causes and symptoms, so patients are often misdiagnosed.”


A September 8, 2016 Business Weekly UK article reported that “San Francisco-based Cantabio Pharmaceuticals has licensed technology from Cambridge UK to explore a potential cure for Alzheimer’s and related dementias.”

A September 7, 2016 News Medical article reported that “New research, led by academics at the University of Bristol, has outlined the first validated set of pathological criteria for assessing the likelihood that cognitive impairment was caused by vascular disease.”


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