November 16, 2017

Today’s Top Alzheimer’s News


This morning, a November 16, 2017 The Hill livestream, “Preparing for a Treatment: Managing and Delivering an Alzheimer’s Breakthrough” panel, focused on finding an Alzheimer’s breakthrough. UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Advocate Daisy Duarte shared her powerful story. Click here to watch the panel and learn more.


A November 16, 2017 The Hill article spotlighted the “Preparing for a Treatment” event, sponsored by The Hill and Biogen, tackling the response to Alzheimer’s disease. According to Charbel Moussa at Georgetown Medical Center, “The reason why we have come close to defeating breast cancer, to a large extent, is because women around the world came together and said ‘we have to do something.’ We need that for Alzheimer’s.” Progress has been made including increased awareness and funding, and decreased stigma.

A November 15, 2017 The Washington Post article spotlighted photographs by Christopher Nunn of subject, David. Nunn had photographed David for years but eventually learned he had Alzheimer’s disease. “The photographs I made were during David’s last years of independence in his own home,” said Nunn. The photos were awarded a $5,000 grant from the Bob & Diane Fund, dedicated to promoting awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. 

A November 15, 2017 WebMD article looked at implications of the new RAND report, which focused on understanding how patients would be able to receive a newly approved Alzheimer’s disease therapy, should one be developed within the next few years, and how it would affect the US healthcare system. According to RAND Policy Researcher Jodi Liu, "While significant effort is being put into developing treatments to slow or block the progression of Alzheimer's dementia, little work has been done to get the medical system ready for such an advancement.”