June 20, 2018

Today's Top Alzheimer's News


Join our next Alzheimer's Talks TODAY at 2pm (EST) as we talk with Dr. Brett Hauber of RTI Health Solutions about the new “What Matters Most” Study – how it is being conducted and what it means for those living with Alzheimer’s and their families.


A June 19, 2018 Science Daily article looked at using Deep Brain Stimulation to treat people with mild Alzheimer’s disease. The ADvance trial, on people over the age of 65, will soon launch a Phase III international trial. According to Dr. Andres Lozano at Toronto Western Hospital's (TW) Krembil Neuroscience Centre, “We are encouraged by these findings as they continue to help us identify who will benefit most from DBS to treat Alzheimer's disease and learn more about this illness. With so few treatments available and the incidence of Alzheimer's only expected to increase, we really need to fully explore all treatments that seem to be of benefit to patients."


A June 19, 2018 Scientific American “Observations” piece by Rebecca Nebel of the Society for Women’s Health Research called for more research looking at sex differences and Alzheimer’s disease. AD can can present and progress differently in men and women, including response to treatments. Most studies to date do not differentiate between the sexes. Hormones play a key role in sex differences in the brain and estrogen may be important and protective in premenopausal women. Topics for future sex-based research include differences in racial and ethnic groups, and the impact of caregiving.


A June 16, 2018 WMC Action News 5 broadcast segment spotlighted sorority members from Columbia, Marion, Lamar and Pearl River counties, MS who participated in an annual walk to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease research. "Alzheimer's is a very debilitating disease and anything we can do to help to find a cure and support Alzheimer's caregivers, we're all for that," said Valerie Webber of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.


A June 19, 2018 The Daily Progress opinion letter by Shareef Tahboub, who works with people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families at Rosewood Village Assisted Living and Memory Care in Charlottesville, asked for help in urging Congressman Tom Garrett to support the BOLD (Building Our Largest Dementia) Infrastructure Act. The legislation establishes Alzheimer’s Centers of Excellence and provides funding to state, local, and tribal public health departments to implement interventions and promote early detection and diagnosis.


A June 16, 2018 CBS 2/Fox 28 article highlighted the annual Bikes Behind Brains fundraising bike ride to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Amanda Pins created the event in honor of her mother, who died from AD. According to Pins, "Even though they are not able to walk or talk or they're still not the person you once knew, you still need to love and honor and cherish that person and make the best of this journey. There is so much joy we can bring to this devastating journey. Let's make the most of it."