June 1, 2020

Today's Top Alzheimer's News


A May 26, 2020 UsAgainstAlzheimer’s press announcement urged required, comprehensive COVID-19 testing of all nursing homes and long-term care community staff and residents. A UsA2 letter to National Governor’s Association Chair Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan thanked him for his leadership, on behalf of the dementia community. “Making comprehensive testing of all residents and staff in long-term care communities a reality will require action from both state and federal officials. We have urged Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and senior HHS officials to provide leadership and resources to help states implement comprehensive testing. Neither the federal nor state governments can do this alone, and we believe more states also must step up on testing,” said UsA2 COO Russ Paulsen.

A May 22, 2020 Medium article by LatinosAgainstAlzheimer’s (LA2) brought attention to UsAgainstAlzheimer’s (UsA2) response to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the dementia community. UsA2’s latest A-LIST survey found that the majority surveyed support mandatory COVID-19 testing of nursing home residents and staff. The health equity team organized a letter to HHS to put a focus on prioritizing communities of color and women. According to LA2 lead Jason Resendez, “From communities of color to individuals living with dementia and disabilities, the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable Americans is far reaching. This reality deserves deeper action from HHS, including multiple funding opportunities for community-based organizations to help mitigate the devastation triggered by COVID19. One grant just won’t do it.”

Watch UsAgainstAlzheimer’s first BrainStorm webcast, a new series featuring conversations with brain health experts on the science of brain health, early detection and intervention, and more. University of Texas at Dallas Researcher Dr. Sandra Chapman talks about the impacts of stress and anxiety, the science of cognitive training and taking charge of your brain health.


A May 26, 2020 Ms. Magazine health voices article by Ellen Bravo spotlighted the phenomena of dying alone in the age of COVID-19. When Bravo’s mother became gravely ill, she had the time and access to travel to be by her side. Now, due to total shutdown restrictions which bar family members from visiting their loved ones, seniors in residential facilities are disproportionately affected. According to the article, “She [Christine Lavault] would rush to the hospital every morning, kiss him hello and good-bye, then leave for work—not knowing whether he’d still be alive when she came back at the end of the day. “[My employer] wouldn’t give me time off,” she said. “I could have stayed at his side, giving him comfort and advocating for what he needed. Maybe I could have searched out more help for him. I will always regret not being there for him in his last days.””