August 29, 2019

Today's Top Alzheimer's News


In a Carlen Maddux blog post “Illuminating The Dark Heart of Dementia,”Maddux writes, “This cover photo of [UsA2’s] Dementia-Friendly Worship is so reflective of the book’s foundational theme: No matter what stage of dementia a person may be in, early or advanced, communicative or not, no one—NO ONE—is ever an “empty shell.”… “… in spite of the cognitive and other limitations imposed by dementias, the essence of the person, their core, their soul, is still there, very much alive,” say this book’s senior editors, Lynda Everman and Dr. Don Wendorf, PsyD, retired psychologist.” Everman and Wendorf are UsAgainstAlzheimer’s advocates.


An August 29, 2019 BBC News video segment focused on a new VR (virtual reality) app which educates people about dementia. According to Tim McLachlan of the Alzheimer’s Society (UK), “I think it really brought the experience to life, but most importantly, actually it showed what not to do sometimes. About half of people with dementia have said that they feel isolated or lonely. And a quarter said that people don’t communicate with them because they’ve got dementia. This virtual reality experience helps build a bridge for actually having a conversation with somebody about their dementia.”


According to an August 28, 2019 Futurity article, an NIA study analyzed four groups of unmarried older adults (divorced/separated, widowed, never married, cohabiter) to see if marital status affected the likelihood of developing dementia. Researchers found that divorced people had the highest risk of dementia. “This research is important because the number of unmarried older adults in the United States continues to grow, as people live longer and their marital histories become more complex. Marital status is an important but overlooked social risk/protective factor for dementia,” said Professor Hui Liu of Michigan State University. Also covered by MSU Today.


An August 28, 2019 KWQC TV 6 article reported that the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services will expand Medicaid services to 1,600 members with dementia and provide safe housing, via the Supportive Living Program, as an alternative to nursing facilities. The expanded services will include meals, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, daily living assistance and wellbeing checks. Find more information on the program here.


Attend in-person or virtually’s Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference, with this year’s theme, “Our Amazing Difference.” The conference brings together current and former family caregivers. Chicago, November 7-10, 2019. Check-out the draft agenda here.