January 26, 2016

Before I Forget - Dan Gasby


Before I Forget - Dan Gasby

About This Episode

During our January Alzheimer’s Talks, we were joined by Dan Gasby – the partner in marriage and business with B. Smith, the incredible woman who broke down barriers as a restaurant owner and model and is now facing the challenge of her life: Alzheimer’s disease. The two are doing all they can to make a difference in the fight for a cure.

Dan and B. just published a heartfelt book, Before I Forget: Love, Hope, Help and Acceptance in Our Fight Against Alzheimer’s, and they are sharing their story to let people know that if B. Smith could get Alzheimer’s, it can happen to anyone. Click here to read our co-founder Trish Vradenburg’s wonderful review of the book.


Key Highlights from our Conversation with Dan Gasby

Caregiving: “It’s gut wrenching every day”

Dan shared with us the experience of being a male caregiver and how he constantly has to remind himself when he is upset or frustrated that “it’s the disease.” Some strategies he has to avoid burnout include working out, reading, meditating and going for walks with the couple’s dogs. Still, he says watching such an amazing woman decline is “gut wrenching every day.”

Increasing clinical trial participation – particularly for African-Americans

Medicines work differently for men and women and different races – so we need a representative sample in trials in order to find a drug that works for everyone. Dan talked about the problem with African Americans not trusting the medical system, the safeguards in place now and why he believes this is a 21st-century civil rights issue. We have to participate so that our children and our children’s children won’t have to worry about Alzheimer’s.

One way that anyone can help accelerate innovative medicines is by signing up for the Brain Health Registry, where you can play brain games online to help researchers and get more information on clinical trials. Click here to sign up for the Brain Health Registry.

Increased funding

We have bright minds working on finding a cure, but they need more funds to try more strategies. The government needs to be behind this effort in conjunction with private industry, and Congress can help speed research by increasing the amount of money spent on research funding. Dan encouraged all of us to be part of the solution by voting, writing your elected officials and being ambassadors to motivate people to make a difference.

Thank you to Axovant for sponsoring this call. We are so grateful for their contribution to bring you this fascinating conversation.

Thank you to Dan Gasby for this honest and informative discussion.

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