July 19, 2022

Joan M. Griffin, PhD - The Phenomenon of Paradoxical Lucidity

Joan M. Griffin, PhD - The Phenomenon of Paradoxical Lucidity

About This Episode

The Alzheimer's journey can range from three to twenty-plus years. Typically, people living with late-stage Alzheimer's or another dementia decline to a point when they are no longer able to communicate. But for some, after years of relative silence, they can suddenly communicate coherently, even if only for a short period of time. This phenomenon is called paradoxical lucidity in dementia. 

In this episode of BrainStorm, Meryl Comer speaks with Dr. Joan M. Griffin, Professor of Health Services Research at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Consultant at the Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery at the Mayo Clinic, about the moments when people in the late stage of Alzheimer’s regain the ability to communicate. Listen as Dr. Griffin’s delves into her landmark study to understand these lucid moments, and how they affect family caregivers. Learn about some triggers and what these moments mean.

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