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February 26, 2018 - Michael Ellenbogen

Dementia Patients Should Inform Tech Development

My daughter recently bought me a Google Home Mini. As someone who lives with dementia and used to be a leader in the IT field, I always thought one could be helpful to me and many folks with disabilities. I quickly realized I was wrong. To be sure, there are a number of helpful things that I can do with the Google Home Mini. For example, I can ask any questions -- what is the temperature or when will it snow? I can ask information about the latest news, and set reminders for meetings and deadlines. The voice assistant can
January 27, 2017 - Michael Ellenbogen

Mixed Feelings

As a person who is living with Alzheimer’s, I have very mixed feelings about how I should talk about it. I have become an outspoken advocate in the dementia arena, but I feel like I am always at odds with so many. And it is sometimes hard for me to decide what my message should be. Should it be about living life to the fullest or all doom and gloom about the horrible disease? When I started my work as an advocate, I realized early on that if I painted too positive a picture of Alzheimer’s I would not get
June 12, 2013 - Michael Ellenbogen

How do I change what I say?

A few months ago one of my friends mentioned that I am always talking about things related to Alzheimer’s. While I know I spend my days advocating for this disease I did not realize I was that bad. Especially with those I am not trying to convince or influence. Although I appreciate the person telling me, it has really bothered me.I started to give it some thought and tried to understand why and what I could do to change that. Not too long after that my wife made a similar comment, and that really hit home because their comments to
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