It Is Getting Harder and Harder to be an Optimist

December 13, 2016 - Trish Vradenburg

The recent announcement by Eli Lilly that a new drug intended to slow memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s had failed a late-stage clinical trial felt like a punch in the gut. Look, I know that finding a treatment for dementia is a complex, Herculean task. But I was so sure that this time it was going to happen. And when it didn’t, I knew the devastation that the thousands of people who volunteered for this clinical trial must have felt, as well as the dedicated Eli Lilly researchers and all those who’d devoted their time and energy to crushing this relentless killer. (Continue reading on Huffington Post.)

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Trish Vradenburg

Trish Vradenburg served as Vice-Chair of UsAgainstAlzheimer's, which she co-founded in October 2010. Her unflinching spirit, imagination, quick-witted humor, empathy, generosity and exceptional tenacity to stop the suffering of others – were all captured in her every action. UsAgainstAlzheimer’s was born of her passion to fight back against Alzheimer’s disease in tribute to her mother. Trish began her career in