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October 1, 2014 - Allan S. Vann

(Adapted from remarks made at a hearing sponsored by Congressman Steve Israel, D-NY)

January 10, 2014 - Allan S. Vann

As a caregiver for my wife, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in 2009 at the age of 63, here’s my brief “wish list” for a national Alzheimer’s agenda. 

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October 29, 2013 - Allan S. Vann

Some of the most watched TV programs each year are NFL games and such large audiences give the NFL a tremendous opportunity to use its broadcasts for public service. To their credit, since 2009 the NFL has used October broadcasts to support breast cancer awareness and help raise money for research. Football players show their support by wearing pink on their uniforms and using pink equipment. Having lost my mother to cancer, and with relatives currently dealing with cancer, I applaud this NFL leadership role and enjoy seeing lots of pink on my TV screen this month.


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