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When my dad was hospitalized back in Late 2011 for what would be the last time before he died, the doctors thought that maybe it was possible that he had been slowly developing Alzheimer's or dementia or a little bit of both. I myself am not really sure, however just a few months before he died, was when I started taking a interest in this disease and the group. Even though, there might be times when my dad might not be able to remember what happen 5 minutes ago, he could at times vividly remember things that happen 50 yeaers earlier or from his childhood.

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My caregiving journey with my parents began in 2003. Sharing the range of issues, grief, tragedy, loss, triumph, sadness, stress, strength and innovation in a few words is impossible. 

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I lost my mom to Alzheimer's in 2007. She was always a very active and healthy woman and it was such a shock to find out she had Alzheimer's. She watched two of her brothers go through Alzheimer's and pass away so she knew what was to come for her. It was such a sad time to go through. It's so hard to watch the vibrant mom slowly diappear before your eyes and not be able to do anything to stop it. We need to find a cure for this horrible disease.  Millions of lives will be saved. I only wish there was a cure for my mom. 

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