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This seems so personal; however write I must. I could write a book about the past two and half  years. I was teaching  a piano lesson in Virginia when I received an emergency telephone call in August of 2012. My oldest brother had been taken to a hospital during the 115 degree heat with dehydration in Arkanasas. In addition to the devastating heat, I would eventually  learn a fuller explantion of what had  happened to him.

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My mother, Antonia, and three of her four female siblings were victims of Alzheimer's.

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The year 2014 was an extremely hard year for me.... JANUARY 2014:I lost my 86-year mother to a 10-year journey with Parkinson's - - - with the last 3 years in which she also suffered from Alzheimer's. She was so kind, loved to draw and paint. She volunteered as a 4-H advisor and a Girl Scout leader....always sharing her love of art with the children of our community. JULY 2014:After an 8-year battle, I lost my loving husband of 44 years to Frontal Temporal Dementia. An alum of The Ohio State University with a degree in Histo

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