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"My husband Jeff is 58 and was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease at 55. His disease has progressed very rapidly. He is now in the advanced stage. My husband was in the Bapinuzemab clinical trial. You can imagine our extreme sadness when we got the phone call saying the study had been cancelled. I literally wasn't able to even swallow I was so crushed. It was almost as bad as the day we got the diagnosis.

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My beautiful wife of 54 years started with Alzheimer's disease 7 years ago and now is unable to do anything for herself and must be cared for 24/7. Sad thing is we have 8 beautiful grandchildren and she is unable to know them or her 4 children and will ask me where her husband is. We, all of the country, must understand this disease and help in any way they can, with contributions, or just help your neighbors.

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Our Reality of Alzheimer's 2012

Toni made this moving and highly personal video about her family's experience caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's disease. Toni, her husband and four young children explain the facts and warning signs of Alzheimer's and their personal and often positive ways of coping with dementia.

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