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We were a typical middle-class American family leading typical busy lives...until Alzheimer's entered the door. There was so much we did not know, so much we had to learn, and the learning curve was very steep like riding the space shuttle really fast, straight up. When dealing with a parent who is slowly losing their mind before your very eyes, it is important to maintain a sense of humor. We relied on our ability to laugh together when Mother aimed the TV remote control at the microwave and expected Andy of Mayberry to show up on the little window.

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My beloved father, Maurice died in 2004 from what we were told was probably Alzheimer’s. (We were told that without a brain autopsy one can't be 100% sure.) My husband and I moved to South Carlolina in 1995 to be near my elderly parents to help my 5' 2" petite Mom care for my 6'2" tall Dad. My Dad was educated at Princeton and Tufts. He had been a successful executive, served his country in WWII in the Navy, and served his church & community for many, many years in leadership roles.

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My name is Aaralyn Oakley-Wheeler, and lost my husband to the merciless disease of early onset Alzheimers/Picks Disease in December of 2009. Jim was a retired officer of the U.S. Marine Corp. A tall, straping handsome man. He was diagnosed in early March of 2006, upon finding out that he was having difficulty performing his job. He had retired for the Marines in 1995 and worked as an Infrastructure Analyst at DSCC (government facility). To say that my life stopped on a dime that day would be an understatement.

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