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Two years ago this month my 55 year old husband was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease. This was not exactly unexpected as we had seen "symptoms" for approximately 2 years before he was diagnosed. The past two years have been extremely difficult in many ways watching my strong, handsome, smart husband become totally dependent on me. He is no longer able to drive, pay the bills or even write his own name without assistance. He has no idea how old he is, how long we've been married, how old our children are.

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CARMEN’S JOURNEY - My wife’s name is Carmen. She was born and educated in Romania and was once a political prisoner for six months. I opened a business in Romania in 1992; Carmen and I met in Romania in 1996 and we were married in 1999. After arranging for Carmen’s immigration status in the states, she decided to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. Despite speaking very little English at first, she pursued this course of study and graduated with a 3.85 average. She was in her early forties at this time.

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Providing three square meals a days and receiving help with getting dressed in a nursing home should really be no longer acceptable. This is the traditional way. Recently I received a call from the social worker where my husband resides in a dementia unit at a nursing facility. She wanted to know if I just wanted him kept comfortable and hydrated since he was unresponsive, or did I want him sent to the hospital. Naturally I jumped from my chair and said: "He just had the beginning of a head cold. What is going on?

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