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EOAD – How these four letters changed our lives forever. EOAD – I had never heard of this before but, I know I will never forget it. Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease is the name given to Alzheimer‘s Disease when a person younger than 65 is diagnosed. My husband’s age was a major obstacle in just trying to get a doctor to seriously consider his memory problems at the age of 48 following cancer surgery. I wish now that I had been much more persistent then and not waited until he had a rapid decline. But, how were we to know that this could and would happen, especially at his age?

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We met in 2005 at work. He pursued me to date him. I turned him down 3 times before agreeing to a drink; only to explain to him that I didn't want to date someone I worked with.

3 months later we were married. Craig was a very persuasive attorney. He fights for what he wants. 5 months after that he was diagnosed to be in the very early stage of Early Onset Alzheimer's at age 59. As a new bride I was told I was going to be a widow within 10 years. Imagine. Devastation for the both of us doesn't even begin to touch what we felt. He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

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Two years ago this month my 55 year old husband was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease. This was not exactly unexpected as we had seen "symptoms" for approximately 2 years before he was diagnosed. The past two years have been extremely difficult in many ways watching my strong, handsome, smart husband become totally dependent on me. He is no longer able to drive, pay the bills or even write his own name without assistance. He has no idea how old he is, how long we've been married, how old our children are.

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Spouses and Partners


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