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My wife died about three years after diagnosis with frontal lobe dementia, a neurological disease similar to Alzheimer's. I cared for her at home for the first year, until that put me into the hospital for 11 days (my third hospitalization-first was my birth, second my tonsils). The day I went into the hospital, La Verna went into a nursing home, where she spent her last two years. For the next two years I visited her all but two days, although I'm not sure she was very aware of me the last year. She's been gone over four years now, but I still tear-up just about every day.

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"Early onset Alzheimer's Disease..EOAD for short knocked on our door over 7 years ago and came in and wont leave till it had stolen my husband away from me, Mick and I met late in life on a blind date 18 years ago this July 1st,About 8/9 years ago there was warning signs looking back now I know this but did not know this at the time.

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EOAD – How these four letters changed our lives forever. EOAD – I had never heard of this before but, I know I will never forget it. Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease is the name given to Alzheimer‘s Disease when a person younger than 65 is diagnosed. My husband’s age was a major obstacle in just trying to get a doctor to seriously consider his memory problems at the age of 48 following cancer surgery. I wish now that I had been much more persistent then and not waited until he had a rapid decline. But, how were we to know that this could and would happen, especially at his age?

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