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My mother, Evelyn Bernstein, is 89 years old. After a hip fracture in 2009, my family moved her from San Diego to Los Angeles, to be closer to us. We began to notice cognitive changes, which have increased to a state of substantial memory loss, delusional thinking, and disorientation. My mother was not only bright and articulate, she had the sharpest memory of anyone we knew. I am a psychologist in private practice, and I teach medical students, but nothing in my training or years of experience have prepared me for confronting what is known as an "ambiguous loss" of a loved one.

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Sons and Daughters

This is about my mother, Thelma, and the killer called Alzheimer's. My mother has end stage ALZHEIMER'S. None of the medication helped her. She remains at home with her handicapped husband due to medicaid denying her medical insurance which would pay for her to go to a nursing home. This is a family in crisis. I hope this can help someone.

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Sons and Daughters

Over 6 years ago my best friend and lover, my husband Donald, was diagnosed with dementia. It began with him not being able to remember how to manage a program as a engineer. This man holds a BS in engineering and MS in computer Science. He has managed projects for such companies as Boeing Commercial Aircraft company, in the Aerospace industry and finally in a small company close to his home. I begin to notice he forgot to turn off the stove, placing items in placese where they shouldn't be. He also began to forget to do simple things like lock the door.

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