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Dad's version goes like this: "Well, Mark twisted my arm to go with some friends to this dinner theater in Cleveland. Guess they needed another guy to make the numbers work. Your mom was one of the gals. We kind of liked each other and we started dating. Pretty soon we got married."

Mom's version is so much lovelier. That morning her friend Irene called to say a few friends were going to a show at Cleveland's Karamu House, the first integrated theatre in the country. Irene asked if Mom would come along. Mom said, "Well, sure."

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My father, Edwin L. was born in Puerto Rico in 1947. He grew up in New York...in Spanish Harlem. He was drafted to Vietnam where he served one tour and got two field promotions to leave the United States Marine Corps as a Corporal. In 1974, he married my mother and for the next 30 years, lived happily raising three kids as a sheet metal worker before becoming a correctional officer having graduated the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in the first graduating class of 1995.

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Alzheimer's is a cruel & tough disease due to the impact on the person, the family & caregivers. It wears you down, slowly takes away a loved one, steals your future & wipes out any financial security you may have in savings. A cure/prevention must be found or the impact to the American people will be devastating both emotionally & financially.

My mom has Alzheimer's. My aunt has Alzheimer's. An uncle died from Alzheimer's. Highly likely my grandmother had an undiagnosed dementia.

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