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My Father lived a good life, which I know from the great stories he would tell, and the songs he would sing. My father had many friends, from all walks of life. He was a Pipefitter by profession, and was a member of the Union. He loved to work in his garage and always kept his hands busy. He was always working on a neighbor’s car, fixing a friend’s boiler or doing some type of job after he retired. He had this big red GMC truck that had one of those horns that went….AAAAWWWWOOOOGGGGAH.

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Sons and Daughters

I'll never forget the moment when I realized my grandmother no longer knew who I was. It was a beautiful day in March. I was proudly showing my Grandmother my report card. Suddenly she turned to me and asked: "Excuse me, where is your family?" I looked at her, not quite believing what I had heard. "You are my family," I said. "You’re my Grandmother. You're right here." For every child of a parent or grandparent with Alzheimer's, that reality is a devastating one.

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Manchester Center Mall that is the name of my mom's favorite place. She visits that place everyday 365 days, she'll go not just once she'll go two and even 3 times in a day. Manchester Center is 3.4 miles from home, my little mom she walks going and coming she used to take the bus but not really anymore. You see sometimes when she does take the bus she gets lost, she wont recongize her surroundings, she doesnt recongize most of her surroundings anymore. Alzheimers has taken that away from her and it keeps taking and taking.

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Sons and Daughters


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