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My father is still alive and living with Alzheimer’s Disease and the daily struggles that go along with it. My father went missing in Maryland. My mother was attending a conference at Fort Meade, Maryland and my father was supposed to pick her up at 4 p.m. By 5 p.m. he still had not arrived. My mother reported him missing to the Fort Meade police department and called me at my home in Lubbock, Texas. Thus began some of the most terrible hours of my life. My husband Robert called Lori Gillen (a friend of his), the executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association in Lubbock.

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Sons and Daughters

My name is Kara. I am 22 and I have 2 brothers, ages 19 and 25. Our mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50. We were in high school. My college plans were cut short. My dreams were put on hold. My family came together, and did what we needed to do. Being children caretakers of our mother forced us to grow up very quickly. Taking all the responsibilities of the household into our own hands. We watched our mother’s career, friends, and LIFE get taken from her.

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Sons and Daughters

Dad's version goes like this: "Well, Mark twisted my arm to go with some friends to this dinner theater in Cleveland. Guess they needed another guy to make the numbers work. Your mom was one of the gals. We kind of liked each other and we started dating. Pretty soon we got married."

Mom's version is so much lovelier. That morning her friend Irene called to say a few friends were going to a show at Cleveland's Karamu House, the first integrated theatre in the country. Irene asked if Mom would come along. Mom said, "Well, sure."

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Sons and Daughters


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