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My Mother was larger than life. She embraced life with style and grace and passion. She was a fashion plate. She wore drop-dead hats with her signature pearls and had the glide of a woman who had won every dance contest. She could capture a room just by entering it.

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My maternal grandmother, an ordained minister in the Congregational Church, died of Alzheimer's in 1976. She was 77 when she died. My father died of Alzheimer's in 2010. He was 85. This picture is of my dad with my daughters in March 2010. He died from the complications of Alzheimer's on October 31, 2010. He was a physician, a passionate supporter of opera, sang in the choir, read voraciously, loved telling stories, gardening, eating, singing, dancing, scuba diving, movies, and traveling.

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I am the only child of a mother with Alzheimer’s. My maternal grandparents died of Alzheimer’s in the 1990′s. I am one of the worried well, with three daughters of my own that this disease will continue through the generations. My Grandfather was a graduate of Westpoint- retired as a Colonel in US Army. My Grandmother was a strong, vibrant woman – she lead the life of a military wife traveling the world and raising my beautiful mother. My Mother, what can I say. She was the most beautiful woman; strong, intelligent, savvy and full of love and adoration for her only child.

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