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We call her Mom, Aunt Edna, Ms. Dav, Ms. D, Granny  Edna P, Ms Edna, and Mrs.

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Sons and Daughters

My sister who was 32 and the mother of two beautiful girls was diagnosed with dementia at age 32. All of the doctors diagnosed her her with depression at first. I am a nurse and no my sister and would tell them it was not depression. After my tests, the found she had frontal temporal lobe dementia. Doctors don't look for it in young people because it is considered a old persons disease. Nursing homes would not take her because they said they didn't know what to do with her. She passed away at age 36 on 11/25/12, almost a year ago.

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I was still very young when I first decided to pursue a career in medicine. My early experiences helped me grasp the importance of what I might accomplish if I could succeed at practicing medicine with compassion. I can still recall, at the age of nine, with sleepy eyes, taking my post for the night. It was my turn to sleep on the floor at the door to Great Grams’ room and to sound the alarm if she should try to escape.

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