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How do I start!!! First I lost my Mother just before her 61st year to this devastating disease just after my 16th Birthday. I am one of five siblings and there is only I and one who will turn 70 this September. 

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Sons and Daughters
Painting in Twilight: An Artist's Escape from Alzheimer's

Lester E. Potts, Jr., my father, was an oak of a man.  A rural Alabama saw miller, Dad embodied hard work, dependability, humility and and capable leadership.

At age 72 Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and had a rapid downhill course.  He became depressed and withdrawn, losing his pride in being a very capable man.

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Sons and Daughters

Carl was a brilliant man. He taught at the university for years and years and was frequently recognized by both students and colleagues for his excellent teaching and student rapport. He was a good father and husband on the home front, teaching our daughter and son life lessons that are still important to them. We loved to travel and to experience as much as we could pack into our days. Carl was quirky, too, and we loved him for that. That quirkiness led us off many a beaten path onto a better one less traveled and more explorable.

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