Dr. David Perlmutter on the need to fight Alzheimer's, educating employers about early-onset dementia, and the study of "super agers" (read more).   


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Falling rates of dementia, Rep. Jim Moran advocates against sequestration, Broadway World covers USA2's Surviving Grace reading (read more).    


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Possible nasal treatment for Alzheimer's  researchers divided over research linking copper to Alzheimer's, and why Medicare should cover Amyvid testing (read more). 

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ALZHEIMER’S ADVOCATES PRESS CMS ON TEST — The Alzheimer’s community wants Medicare to cover a PET test that scans for the beta-amyloid proteins in the brain that are associated with Alzheimer’s. But the agency has proposed turning them down, at least until more research is done, and the community is pushing back.

Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease, the UK to hold a global summit on dementia December 11, 2013, and Alzheimer's and the arts (read more). 


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