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I am Italian and went through a nightmare that is now becoming a nightmare to so many families with young children at home.  And this nightmare will certainly bankrupt them.

My husband came down with Alzheimer's at 48 years old.  He was sick for 7 years (but he showed signs of this for at least 10 years prior ) and died at 54 years old in 2004.  This April, it will be ten years since he's passed.

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  1. You will notice something just isn’t quite right years before a diagnosis.
  2. You will dismiss an inability to maintain finances as simply being bad with numbers.
  3. Your mother will lose sight of a daycare child while in her care, only to later find him down the street at a neighbor boy’s house once the authorities have been notified.

Continued here: http://lonnawhiting.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/after-the-diagnosis/#sthash.rhWMaIPQ.dpuf

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It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie. Always has been. I love that George Bailey gets to see the impact he's had on so many people. I think it would be awesome for people to get to see that impact themselves. Hopefully it would show them that one person really can make a difference in someone else's life. I think I was around 10-12 years old when I first saw the movie. I remember thinking that George's mom would recognize him when nobody else did, but of course she didn't because he'd never been born (at that point in the movie).

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