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Our Reality of Alzheimer's 2012

Toni made this moving and highly personal video about her family's experience caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's disease. Toni, her husband and four young children explain the facts and warning signs of Alzheimer's and their personal and often positive ways of coping with dementia.

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My mother, Lillie, began showing signs of memory loss in 2008. In November of 2008 she received a pacemaker. For several months after receiving the pacemaker her memory was fine. About June of 2009, I began to notice that my mother's memory was on the decline again. I became so depressed I sought therapy. I was seeing three counselors. One was a Psychiatrist, the other a MFCC, and a Christian therapist at my church. The MFCC suggested that I join a support group for Alzheimer's caregivers.

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We were a typical middle-class American family leading typical busy lives...until Alzheimer's entered the door. There was so much we did not know, so much we had to learn, and the learning curve was very steep like riding the space shuttle really fast, straight up. When dealing with a parent who is slowly losing their mind before your very eyes, it is important to maintain a sense of humor. We relied on our ability to laugh together when Mother aimed the TV remote control at the microwave and expected Andy of Mayberry to show up on the little window.

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