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National Institutes of Health takes 7.6 percent budget cut, jeopardizing Alzheimer’s research funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Washington’s failure to reach a deficit reduction deal before the March 1 sequester deadline has triggered once unthinkable budget cuts that will take the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to the chopping block, and jeopardize life-saving medical research funding for costly and deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s.

George Vradenburg, Chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer’s, issued the following statement in response to the news that the Obama Administration is planning to launch a public-private effort to map the human brain. 

WASHINGTON – – George Vradenburg, Chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer’s tonight applauded President Obama’s clear call to protect Alzheimer’s research funding from drastic spending cuts in the State of the Union. The president’s bold remarks come just days prior to the March 1 deadline for lawmakers to reach a deficit deal in order to prevent extreme budget cuts across the federal government. Without a deal, the sequester would deliver a crushing blow to National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Alzheimer’s research.

The death of Senator Charles Percy means that our nation has lost to Alzheimer’s a leading statesman and a devoted family man.  We have also lost another citizen to this deadly disease  -- one for which cruelly there is  no treatment or cure.

Every day, families across our country confront the tragic realities of Alzheimer's disease -- an irreversible, fatal illness that robs men and women of their cherished memories and leads to progressive mental and physical impairments. Millions of individuals suffer from this debilitating ailment, and millions more shoulder profound emotional and financial burdens by serving as caregivers for their loved ones.


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