Dr. Kenneth Langa of ResearchersAgainstAlzheimer Speaks Out Against Sequester Threats to Research in Detroit Free Press Op-Ed,"...with a committed investment and national plan, we will be the nation that stops Alzheimer's -- unless Congress stops us." Read more »

"From polio to cancer and from heart disease to HIV/AIDS, we see that a commitment to research investment and targeted innovation on high-cost diseases is a proven deficit reduction strategy,'' said Vradenburg.

Created earlier this year as part of the American Tax Relief Act, this commission is responsible for developing a plan to establish, implement, and finance a comprehensive set of long-term care services for seniors and people with disabilities. Read more »

ResearchersAgainstAlzheimer’s today urged Congress to prevent devastating cuts – set to go into effect on March 1 – that would decimate funding for Alzheimer’s research. Read their letter and ad published in Roll Call on Capitol Hill.


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